Last Day Of Winter

So today is the last day of winter here in Michigan, and we hit a whopping 82 degrees! I cannot believe I just said that, I can never remember Michigan being this hot in March. I remember when my husband and I first met, it was in April, the middle of April at that and it was snowing.

This winter in Michigan has been so weird. I am glad we had a mild one for the sake of us from Tennessee, but I wish my daughter would have actually been able to see what a winter is about.

Hopefully within the next 2 weeks, we will be on our way back to Tennessee, and trying to return back to our life. I am glad we were able to come up to Michigan for a short period so we could spend time with my family. For money reasons, I wish we would have stayed in Tennessee.

Alot of things happened after we got up here, and well yea.

I am just ready to go back home, ready to be in my own bathroom, ready to sleep in a tshirt and panties if I want, and ready to just be me.

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