How Is Your Relationship

Have you ever stopped and wondered how your grandparents stayed married for all those years? I would like to say the answer is simple, but it really isn’t. Relationships are just like anything else, if you want it to keep working you have to keep the upkeep on it. The line of communication has to stay open!

Communication is a must in any relationship, whether it be with your spouse or with your family/friends. My husband and I don’t have a perfect relationship, no one does. However, we know when we have disagreements or arguments we will find away past them. Sometimes it takes some screaming and crying, but in the long wrong we come out of it stronger, and I think more love for eachother.

I mean that right there proves ones love to each other, when you can overcome those bumps.

Are you one of those that are bad at expressing yourself without breaking down? I am one of those! I have a hard time when I try to express things I bust down crying. I guess it is who I am a very emotional person. At times I have found it easier to write a letter to my husband. You might think that is silly, but the line of communication is open, and I am stating what I need to state and there is no fighting.

Some will say fighting is not good for a relationship. I would have to disagree with that to an extent. Sometimes that is just what we need, a vent is what I like to call it!

When one can overcome a fight/disagreement, and sit down to discuss what really happened that my friend is love.

Lack of communication and trust will kill a relationship dead in its tracks. If you have trust and communication your relationship can make it through anything. Trust me I know!

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