How many of you love Google+? I personally never got the hang of it, and I think all the social media platforms I am on,  is enough. I remember when the main site I went to was Myspace. I loved being able to change my background, and bitch about people on my own little world. Then facebook came a long, and I hated it. Until one day my husband got on it, and I decided to give it a try.

Needless to say I somewhat like it, and I am on it often throughout the day.

Google+ I have a feeling will not make it far, Google will not allow people to have their accounts private. Sometimes I don’t want to be found, and the whole thing confuses me. I like some of the features, but I don’t think those features are enough to keep it going strong. Don’t get me wrong I love Google, but I think they maybe better off being the top search engine.

I have recently noticed with Chrome, it runs a ton of processes and bogs my computer down. I hope Google+ pulls through for those who do like it, and I hope it becomes more user friendly.

What are your thoughts on Google+ and Chrome. I miss GFC


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