Coming Soon Recipes!

I love cooking, and soon I will be posting more recipes. I am what you may call an experimental cook. If I don’t have much on hand I will make the most with what I have. Sometimes it is a bust and sometimes it is amazing.

As soon as we get back to Tennessee I will be working on living a healthier lifestyle. I recently found out I have Arthrosis in both knees, so that means I must lose a lot of weight to help take some weight off my knees. I am on meds that I will probably have to take for the rest of my life.

I probably would have never found this out, if we were not staying at my sisters. She has a lot of stairs, and walking them was killing my knees. My doctor wanted to send me in for xrays, and sure enough she seen the problem. I also just found out bad knees run in the family so being fat, and having bad knees is not a good thing.

Once I get rid of some of this fat, and am able to move a bit better. I know it won’t be hard to get rid of a bunch more fat. My husband is going to be my personal trainer! Not sure how well that will be he is a tough one when it comes to coaching me to lose weight. He is worse then a drill Sargent.

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