Michigan Gets Hit With Snow

I think this is the most snow we have had so far this year at one given time. The ground is covered and it is still coming down pretty hard. I hope it all melts soon, I really had snow. I mean it is pretty too look at, but I don’t like having it for long. I guess I got spoiled with Tennessee winters.

Oh how I miss Tennessee…

However, I do have to say the blizzard look of the snow falling is pretty. The kids all were pretty excited because they didn’t have school. My daughter will not be happy when she wakes up and finds she still has school work. One great thing about home-schooling.

When days like this occur she wishes she did go to public school. Next year we will be trying something a bit different. We will be doing public school but online, so we still will be homeschooling. She will just have an actual teacher she can goto if she needs help with anything.

We are getting into algebra and it is yuck.

How is the weather were you are today?

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