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One thing I will miss when I go back to Tennessee, is having so many stores at my finger tips. I am literally within 5 miles from stores such as Kmart, Target, Meijers, JC Penneys, Goodwill, and so much more. In order for me to shop at most of the stores around me now, I would have to make that blah trip to Memphis!

If you know me you know that I dislike Memphis, it scares me. I know I have to get use to it sooner than later.

One thing I have noticed though about one certain store is they like to mark items one price, go through cross them out and up the price. I have noticed this on several items. For instance some shoes I bought my daughter, they came in a box marked 16.99. I guess the store didn’t feel $16.99 was a good price and the upped the price to $20. I took 2 pairs of shows to the front with me, I was waiting for them to ring up the $20, then I was going to throw a fit because they were marked $16.99. Luckily for e, and them they were on mark down so I got them for $10. However, going through the store I noticed the price change was everywhere!

Someone went through marked them all one price, then went through and blacked out the marked price and had them labeled something else on the shelve. I think this was done because Michigan now has a law where every product doesn’t have to be marked. This allows stores to up the price when they see fit. HOWEVER, if a product rings up different from its marked price the store has to pay you so much.

How many have you seen things like this done at stores, where they try to up the price of an item?

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