Life Threw A Curve Ball At Me

For those that I am close to you know what I have been going through for the past few months. Life has thrown me a small curve ball, however, I know I can overcome it. I am sorry posts have slowed down some, and I am sure they will not pick up until things can get figured out in my personal life.

Once I do get a handle on things though, I will be bringing some yummy recipes.

So a run down of what I have been up to the past few weeks, without giving you all the drama.

The Michigan weather has been weird. I purchased my daughter some snow pants, and have no clue why. We hardly received any snow! Can you believe it like no snow in Michigan is weird. It was some what of a Tennessee winter. However, in Tennessee we don’t get as cold.

I have also still been seeing a doctor for my mental issues, haha, yes I have mental issues. Life can just down right stink at times, but other then that, nothing much else.

We have been out geocaching which was a good thing, it got our minds off what was going on, and I am spending lots of time with my babies (nieces and nephew).

I am hoping within the next few months, life will be some what back to normal. What is normal anyways.

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