The Business Is Coming A Long Well!

I am starting to get super excited nervous all in one! I cannot wait to get my business off the ground. I am slowly starting to stock the store, and my goal is to do the grand opening at the end of February.

Once I announce grand opening I will be hosting some awesome giveaways. What better way to start out with a bang right?

To be honest I never new how much work was needed to get a business going, I am working sometimes all day just making sure everything is perfect. Thankfully I will have my sister by my side when it comes to making all the products. Once we get our own place things will be so much better, I mean I will have storage place to store products and supplies, and I will have my own kitchen. YAY!

By the end of 2012 I will not only own a home in Tennessee, I will also own my own home in Michigan. 2012 is turning out thus far pretty good, and we are only a week in!

How is your year so far?

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