Searching For The Perfect Home

Are you searching for that perfect home, but not sure where to start? Well, you can always do it the old fashion way, get in your car and drive around until you spot a for sale sign in the area you would love to purchase a home. However, with the price of gas searching for that perfect home via driving around probably isn’t the best option.

My husband and I are also in the process of searching for our perfect home. I have been using the internet to my advantage, not only do I get to see homes in the area I would love to relocate to, I also get to see pictures of the home, the school area, as well as the address, so I can do a search to see how the crime rate is in that area.

Not sure how to search online for homes for sale? Just do a quick search of where you would like to search first, such as St Louis homes for sale. This will get you started, then you can decide the price range, if you need a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom, how many bathrooms you would like and so forth.

I have to say my husband and I are on the look out for a nice fixer upper, I have found a few around about 10,000! So yes, we are saving every penny we can, because once we have full cash we will make the jump. This will allow us to have money for remodeling, and repairs. I think by having something we can redo together will bring us closer together, and make us appreciate our home a bit more.

Are you looking to purchase a home? How are you going about finding that perfect place?

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