Save More In 2012

Can you believe it is 2012 already? What are some things you plan on changing to make your pocket book a bit fatter? I plan on hitting up all the deals and trying my hardest to save on things that are actually needed such as eyeglasses. Glasses have been a must since I was about 11 years old. Over the years it seems like they’re making them cheaper and raising the prices on them. The last time I purchased a pair of glasses, I about freaked when they told me the price, and that was for just the basics. If I wanted scratch protection, and UV protection that was more. I am sorry but I cannot see paying hundreds of dollars for glasses that are only good for a year.

Thankfully I have found some awesome places online, that cut out the middleman and offer cheaper glasses. Keep in mind just because the glasses are cheaper doesn’t mean they are cheaply made. Companies such as Zenni Optical can offer lower prices with great quality due to cutting the middleman out.

Products usually go through channels, and the more people the product goes through, the more it will cost you the consumer. Everyone needs their cut, and the one that pays those higher prices is us! So if you are wanting to save money in 2012 find companies that cut out 3rd parties. Those companies can offer you the same quality products, just at a cheaper rate.

So how are you going to save money again in 2012?

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