Remodeling, Where To Start

Cold weather makes me want to remodel. However, remodeling can be very stressful. If you are like me everything has to be perfect. I want paint that not only sets off the room, I want paint that matches my furniture. In the bathroom I want glass tiles, but picking on the glass tile that will look best can be something else.

When it comes to remodeling I usually pick on three things I like the best, and I have my husband and daughter pick which ones they like the best, and we go from there. We want a home everyone loves! Mosaic tile has always been some of my favorites. I have already told my husband when we get to the point of purchasing our dream home, the kitchen is mine!

I want to do the walls in glass mosaic tile, I have heard it makes washing down the walls so much easier. That is one thing I dislike about spring cleaning, is washing all the walls. It always seems like it takes longer to wash walls then to clean the rest of the home.

What sort of tiles do you like? If money was no option what would your dream kitchen look like?




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