Phone Problems

This guest post from Werner Rogers

We’ve been getting far more phone calls at the office than normal and I knew we needed to make some changes to keep up. We already had the high speed internet but I started looking into a smallbusiness.xo t1 line because that’s what I knew we needed to focus on – there’s something to be said for not having to worry too much about whether or not your internet or phones are going to go out on you when you’re dealing with a client. Things at the office have been tight these last couple of years but I always say if you’re not growing you’re dying so there’s no reason not to keep investing in your business. I think it’s important to note that people do what they need to do to stay afloat and that’s what I’ve been working on this last year – the economy’s rough but there’s no reason if other small businesses can succeed right now that mine can’t, too, and that’s what I’m going forward on. I can do it!

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