Odd Weather

January 4th, and thus far we have gotten less than 6 inches of snow here in Michigan. To top it off we will be hitting the 40’s in a few days. I am starting to wonder if I brought the Southern heat with me, I hope this doesn’t mean nasty storms this Summer, because I want to hit the beaches.

I have to admit, that is one thing I am looking forward to the most is swimming in the lakes. We were only here for about 3 weeks of nice weather, and only got to go to the beach once. I want my daughter to have the fun I had during the Summer months in Michigan. That is one thing I can say, although it is cold as heck during the winter months it is awesome during the summer months.

I want to take her to the fairs, and to all the events I got to go to growing up, she can now actually start having fun!

What are you looking forward to this Summer?

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