New Year New You

I just realized this year we have 366 days instead of the 365 days. What do you plan on doing with those extra 24 hours? I am still undecided, however, I think I will sleep them extra hours, I can always use more sleep, can you? If not you can always workout more which to be honest is what I should do. Yes, I should work out an extra 24 hours this year. Keeping track of those extra hours can be a bit tricky though, why not get an awesome watch to help keep track? The Citizen Eco drive watches would help you keep track of those extra 24 hours.

Did you know with our technology today that watches have taken a seat on the back burner? However, to be honest watches make a great addition to any wardrobe. I remember growing up and whenever we would ask what time it was, our mom would say “time to get a watch”. Now when we ask what time it is, someone grabs their phone.

One of my favorite watches growing up was the ones you wore on your fingers, another one was goofy and the clock went the wrong way! I love the fact for Christmas my daughter asked for a watch. She has a few different styles, and designs and she loves them all. I would honestly rather see my daughter wear a watch then rely on a cell phone to give her the time.

Do you own a watch?

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