How Do You Stay Warm In The Winter?

This winter has been pretty mild, however, it will not stay that way. It won’t be long and we will be seeing some pretty cold nights. You know what that means right? Our electric/gas bills will spike! I am sorry, but I do not want to spend what little extra money I have on sending to the bill collectors. Is your home well insulated? Did you know if it isn’t you will only be paying for your heat to escape through the cracks!

Want to save money on your home heating bill? Get to insulating! If you live in a mobile home, this is a must for you. I have grown up in mobile homes, and I know they are some of the hardest places to heat. When my daughter was a baby I would see heating bills up to $450 due to poor insulation.

Don’t let another winter go by where you are helping melt the snow out those window seals, you may be thinking metal building insulation can be pricey, but after you have everything insulated you will be saving more money than what you spent to make your home insulated. Not only will it help on your winter heating bill, it will also help on your summer cooling bill, so it is a win win.

I know when we purchase our home that is one of the first things we will be doing, is making sure it is properly insulated, I want NO air leaks from windows, doors or the duct work. In our home in Tennessee we have air leaks every where, since that will be our winter home, and it is a mobile home we will be looking to properly insulate that when we go back down South.

What steps do you take during the winter to keep your home warmer, without costing you a fortune?

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