Baby Carriers Making Life Easier

When my daughter was a baby the only baby carriers we had were the car seats. This making it a lot harder to get things done around the house. I remember when I had to wash dishes I would strap her into her car seat, and place it on the counter where she sat while I got the dishes done, not the smartest way to do things, but at the time it was how us moms did things.

Now they have products such as the moby wrap which makes baby carrying so much easier. I have seen so many moms raving about these slings, it makes me want another baby just to try them out. However, it is very important to wear these properly, because if you do not it can cause harm to your baby, and the idea behind these wraps, are to have the babies has comfortable as possible, while mom can still get her work done.

How many of you have used a moby wrap? I have heard they are super comfortable, I happen to like how you can carry the baby so close to you, and it makes the baby feel secure. I know when My daughter was a baby as long as I held her a certain way she would stay content for hours. Get her out of that favorite position, and she was not a happy baby.



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