Winter Blues

For some Winter can be very depressing, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact it is so cold it is hard to do things. During the Summer months we are outside most the time, but during Winter we are stuck indoors, unless we want to freeze our behinds off!

Did you know one way to help cure those winter blues is doing some crafts with your children. I have found that when I spend more time with my daughter doing fun things such as making cards, building houses from whatever we can find, or even playing the Wii, it helps with me feeling all blah.

Sometimes all it takes is a nice hot cup of chocolate, some family time, and winter will be over before you know it. Look how fast Christmas got here. Come 2012 I have a lot of things in store for my sites, as well as my business. I want to get my daughter involved as much as possible so I will even be having her make things to include in the store.

Thankfully I will be starting in the winter months so it will make the time go a lot faster! How are you going to “kill” time this winter?


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