When To Look Into Other Options

Many people suffer from infertility, however, with the technology we have today, those that suffer can still become parents. Whether it’s adoption or through artificial insemination. Did you know that a third of the time infertility is due to the female, and a third is due to the male. The other third is either due to both, or no issue being found.

For those having a hard time conceiving don’t give up. Weigh out your options and see what way might be good for you. If the problem lies with the female you can always consult with an egg bank. The reason for sperm and egg banks is to help those achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Often times such services are over looked because one feels ashamed. Never feel ashamed for wanting to become a parent.

I have a few friends that have ran into infertility issues, but they didn’t let this small bump in the road stop them from becoming parents. Yes, finding out you may not be able to conceive is heart wrenching, but thanks to technology all things are possible. If you are in the situation where you have been trying with no luck, you may want to talk this situation over with your doctor.I know for many this is not an easy topic, but it is a topic that should be addressed.

Testing and observation can be done to find out what maybe causing the issues. It could all come down to the wrong timing, there is only a small window each month that one can get pregnant, so timing is everything when trying to conceive that little blessing.

How many of you have suffered from some sort of infertility issues, or know someone who has? What is some advice you would give to others in this situation that are to scared or ashamed to speak about this matter with their doctor?


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