Summer Outings

Is it too early to be thinking about Summer outings? Being back in Michigan I am ready for Summer, and ready to hit the beaches, and have awesome backyard cookouts with my family. We are currently searching for a place of our own, and hope to have the Michigan home as our vacation home when it gets too hot in Tennessee.

I always wanted a vacation home! We are looking for a place with a rather big backyard, so we can have room for our gatherings. When we lived in Tennessee we would get together have a cook out and play games, however, it seemed we never had enough sit down space. I would like to get some Adirondack chairs and a small table to place in the middle. Why Adirondack chairs you ask, because most are made from recycled material and they would be great for lounging in the sun, while sipping a nice cold drink, and socializing with family and friends.

We also need room for a picnic table or two. Although a blanket on the ground for the kids to sit and eat at once was okay, now it seems there is just to many bugs, so we would need a few picnic tables, you can really never have to many places for people to sit at. Plus, with picnic tables you have a place to put the food!

To be honest, I would love a huge yard, because everyone has kids around here it seems, and backyard cookouts would be so much better with some playground equipment for the kids to play on, and possibly a few park benches for the mommas to sit at while the kids play. I never could let my daughter play on the toys with out being right there in case she was to fall or get hurt.

I want one of those backyards that looks like it belongs in a magazine, flowers all over the place, maybe a walk way leading to a small pond with some fish in it. Then when I was feeling stressed or on edge, I could go into my own little paradise. No need to leave home, and pay a bunch of money only to be more stressed on what the relaxation was costing me.

What does your dream backyard look like?


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