Student’s Grades

Contributed by Milford Woods

I work at a school, and we have a website that a parent can go to and look up their child’s grades online. They can also look at any books that are checked out to their child, see any absences that their child has had, and look at any discipline consequences that their child has received. Today I happened to be working at the reception desk at school, and a dad came in the check his daughter out for a doctor’s appointment. While we were waiting for his daughter to come to the front desk, I asked the dad if he had signed up for the parent portal to be able to see everything about his daughter at school. He said no he had not and would like to sign up. I asked him if he had internet access, and he said he had Clear Wireless 4g at home for his internet service. So I gave him the form the fill out, checked his identification again, and signed him up for the parent portal. Now he has access to everything about his child that is happening at school. I think he was very pleased when he left knowing that all of that was available to him.

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