Shaving With Seasons

How many of you use the season to determine your shaving habits? “Raising Hand” I am so guilty of this, during the summer I shave about 3 times a week, sometimes more it all depends on my mood. However, in the winter months, I shave maybe 3 times a month. Okay, I shave more than 3 times a month, but I don’t shave no where near as much during the winter months. Why? Well it is simple, I wear pants so who is going to see my legs besides my husband, and during the winter my skin tends to get rather dry, so shaving leads to a lot of cuts.

My husband also shaves with the season. During the Summer months he shaves his head almost daily, however during the winter months he allows his hair to grow out, which I don’t blame him the winter months can become pretty cold.

My husband has always been a clean cut guy, when he first started shaving his dad gave him a shaving brush and cup that was passed down to him, from his dad. This shaving cup and brush has been through three generations so far, since we don’t have a son it looks like it will be passed down to our daughter for sentimental reasons.

I never knew what shaving brushes or shaving soaps were until I got with my husband, and he explained his shaving brush and cup and where it came from and what it meant to him.

How many of your husband’s have shaving brushes and shaving cups?

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