I Should Have Figured It Out A Long Time Ago

We have always told our daughter Santa brings the stocking and we do the rest, well this year she discovered the truth. She thought it was pretty funny that mom and dad were Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy. I honestly think she has known for a lot longer though, because when she was about 6, she mentioned there was no way Santa could go to everyone’s house in only a day.

Anyways, we went to the store today, and she seen some stuffed animals, and the box they were in was marked “Stocking Stuffers” She makes sure to point it out and goes… “I cannot believe, I didn’t figure it out a long time ago” I was confused on what she was talking about. I asked her “Figure what out” she runs her finger across the words stocking stuffer while saying it…

Then it dawned on me, she was referring to Santa! She couldn’t believe she didn’t figure out we were Santa! I just laughed and told her to be quiet, wasn’t sire if there was any small children close by, and trust me I don’t want my daughter to be the reason a child finds out there is no Santa.

At what age did your child figure out who Santa was?

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  1. around 2 or 3rd grade!

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