Getting Those Carpets Cleaned

One thing I notice every holiday season, is the beating my carpet takes. When having friends and family over there is going to be some plates that fall. I have tried year after year to prevent this from happening, however, it never fails. After all my guest leave I am left giving my carpets a good carpet cleaning.

When my husband worked as a custodial he would bring home one of the commercial vacuum cleaners, and we would vacuum every inch of our home, at least twice a year. We would go from the top of the home and work our way to the bottom. This made vacuuming and dusting a lot easier through-out the year. This also help remove all those nasty spider webs.

I have learned that floor care is a must, if you want to keep your carpets looking new. I have had friends and family compliment me on my carpet through-out my home. I also try to go with darker colors, so if something that stains gets spilled on the floor it will “blend” in better.

If you do have small children, and are thinking about putting in new carpet, just a little hint purchase something with multi–colors then those, plates falling during the holidays will not be much of an issue.

What are some ways you keep your carpets clean and looking new?


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