Getting Clothes For Less

One thing I dislike about moving is I get so use to certain things, like places to shop. We have only been back in Michigan for about 3 months or so, and I have no idea where all the good stores are, my daughter is needing some warm winter clothes and I have no clue where to even head to first.

My sister has told me a few places she shops at, but I am looking for a children’s clothing store that has a lot of good deals. When we lived in Tennessee I found a store that had name brand clothes at almost 90% off! I scored so many great deals, however, they ended up going out of business so I was left trying to find another place that offered the same great deals.

Lately, I have just been watching the mark down aisles, but it gets pretty hard trying to score good deals for older children. I am hoping after Christmas there will be a ton of clothing sales.

What are some stores you shop at when it comes time to by the kids new clothes?

One of these days, I might just venture out and hit up all the stores I know have children’s clothes and go in there and look at the prices.

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