Get Him A Watch This Holiday Season

It seems watches are becoming a thing of the past. With our technology advancing it is giving us other ways to keep track of time. Most carry cell phones, tablets, or even ipod’s  around with them. This making the watch pretty much obsolete. Those that still wear watches, usually wear them because they are sentimental. My husband has an old pocket watch he carries with him, because it was given to him by his grandfather.

Although, we do have other means of keeping track of time, watches make a great gift, and automatic watches are more useful then what you may think. How many times has the power went out? I cannot count on one hand how many times our power has went out, and all our devices we use on a everyday basis went dead, and we had no clue what time it was. This is when watches come in handy!

So, this holiday season think about getting him a watch. When the lights go out, and all those power devices are drained, you will be glad you did!

How many of you still wear watches? I have about three, and I do wear one when I know I will be somewhere cell phones are not allowed. Such as the hospitals.



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