Geocaching Fun Is All Around You

Recently, I was introduced to Geocaching. If you re unsure what geocaching is, let me explain. Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt, and it played by millions of people all over the world. People take GPS units such as the geomate.jr, and they download the waypoints from Once they have the “cache” coordinates, they head out to find the cache.

This activity is great for those that love the outdoors, I have found it’s away to bring my family closer together, give us exercise, and just plain old fun outside of the home.

We have found ourselves getting up and hitting the road just to find our next cache. Along the way we find cool collectables, and other items. Geocaches, are often hidden in locations such as trees, parks, lakes, and other neat locations. Often times geocaches, are also filled with trinkets, however, some just have log books in them.

If you have not tried geocaching, I highly recommend it. This is one way to get your family away from the electronics and out the door to get some fresh air.

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