Finally Broke Down

I finally broke down, and went to the doctor about some of the issues I have been having. I am like most people and don’t like the doctors! However, I have found an absolutely amazing doctor, she is awesome. Have you ever went to the doctor only for them to asked rushed, or as if you are wasting their time? How about called to talk to the doctor only to be given the nurse instead…

Let me tell you not at this doctors office, she sat there, and talked to me about many issues I was having, she let me know if I needed ANYTHING or just someone to talk to, to call her at the office and she would be there to listen to my issues. She is going to be addressing all health issues I have, such as my anxiety, IBS, the knee issues, and a few other problems I have.

When we were in Tennessee going to the doctor was a joke, they wanted to assume this was wrong with you, and assume that wasn’t.

I have had severe anxiety for awhile now, I am now hopefully going to be treated for this, and I can start having a some what normal life again. If you have anxiety issues you know what I am talking about. Anxiety is not something to take lightly, it got to the point where it controlled my life.

Do you suffer anxiety? What are some things you do to keep your panic levels down.

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