December 4th and Still No Snow

I was born and raised here in Michigan, moved to Tennessee with my husband in 2004, and had not been back to Michigan until just now. This is my first year back in 8 years, and I am surprised that there is no snow yet. Matter of fact today we hit a whooping 50 degrees! Yes, 50 degrees on December 4th, I know this is very odd!

I just want winter to come and go. My daughter and I are ready to hit the beaches, and have some fun with my sister and her babies, not in the cold.

When we were in Tennessee we got some snow but it wasn’t a lot. I honestly think I am going to miss my warmer days. I am hoping we don’t get much snow, I might have forgotten how to drive in it…

What are some things you do, during the winter months to make the time go by faster.

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