Brownies Anyone!

I decided to order me one of those neat magically pre-cut brownie pans and well since I had it, I just had to try it out right? So I purchased me a boxed brownie mix, but I wanted to add some things to it, just to check it out. I bought a pack of reese’s peanut butter chips, and mixed in the batter, all I have to say is these are heaven.

When I prepared the mix I only used one egg instead of the two. The pan made me some perfect brownies.

I am going to try and use it to make other desserts as well. I had no issues with the brownies sticking to the pan nor did I have any issues with them falling a part.

I know when I make brownies in a normal pan when I cut them they fall apart, and we are left eating crumbs. These were perfectly cut and ever so yummy. If you like baking I recommend you check out the brownie pan so you already have presliced brownies when they come out of the oven.

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