Avoid Credit Card Debt

This holiday season many consumers might find themselves maxing out their credit cards. Everyone likes to splurge during the holidays. Our over spending tendencies can lead to financial problems such as impending interest rates; inability to pay the bill off in time; and of course outstanding debt. The inability to pay off credit card bills can cripple your credit score making it harder to attain loans, buy a car or a home.

The best way to avoid credit card debt is quite simply; Don’t use credit cards. That’s right go by the tried and true method of if you don’t have the money don’t buy it. While that’s a great premise more consumers are shopping via the Internet now than ever before. While people need a way to still order items on-line but without the risk of credit card debt.

One of the best solutions is to make use of a mastercard prepaid debit card. You add funds that you actually have to the card. This means no credit card bill to pay, if you don’t have the money you can’t spend it, right? Prepaid debit cards offer consumers the ability to add funds whenever they want; privacy protection; and still have the ability to make purchases anywhere mastercard or visa is accepted.

It’s no big secret that with today’s economic problems consumers are acquiring debt at an astonishing rate. By maintaining a simple spending principle and making use of excellent prepaid services, credit card debt can be avoided all together. Just think, your credit card has a limit but how easy is it to overspend when the money only has to be accounted for later on down the line. With prepaid debit cards you can’t spend what you don’t have. Unfortunately spending money we don’t have seems to be a trendy practice. If we all get back to the basic spending principle and make use of todays advances in spending options we can all avoid credit card debt.


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