Almost Time To Put 2011 Behind Us

I have to admit 2011 has been one hell of a ride. A lot has happened in my personal life, we ended up moving for a short period, and plan to go back to Tennessee within the next few years. For the time being this was the best solution for our current problem.

Some highlights in 2011 include:

My daughter turning 10!

My daughter discovering Santa is momma and daddy.

The birth of Dizzy Mommy Chronicles

Friendships gained, and friendships lost.

I finally got help for a problem I have been battling for years, and I feel better then ever. Okay I feel better then before.

Some highlights I hope for 2012:

I hope to purchase a home here in Michigan… (But Jammie, you just said you were going back to Tennessee in a few years… mmhmm I did:) )

I plan to get my business off to an awesome start… (you will find out more about this later)

I plan to see my daughter turn 11, and spend lots of time at the beach and geocaching this Summer.


There is a lot on my list for 2012 as I accomplish them, I will cross them off. Like many I have lots of dreams and I am going to make them all come true. My main dream is starting a business and purchasing a home, and I hope to have that done by 2013.

What are some of your highlights for 2011?

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Jammie is Owner of Dizzy Mommy Chronicles. Dizzy Mommy Chronicles is a place where Jammie can get control of her weight, one post at a time. For more information visit on Google+.


  1. Hey Girl, I love the new site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    glad that 2011 is over and a new year is ahead of us. Hope the best for you and your family there or wherever you are.
    Much Love

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