This Year We Are Doing Thanksgiving on a Budget

For many the months of November and December evoke feelings of warmth, family, love, and of course thanks giving. Although, the holidays, and in particular Thanksgiving, can be tough. For those of us who strive for perfection, hosting a holiday get together can be stressful, and really burn a whole in our wallets. By the time the whole family comes around for second servings you could really be strapped for cash. The truth is you do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money to satisfy family and friends. A little comfort food goes a long way, and you certainly don’t want to overdo it. It isn’t out of line to ask a few people to bring a dish, which can also save you a few bucks. You can have a full Thanksgiving meal without paying so much, and a good one at that! Here are a few ideas to save some dough! (Pun intended)

Cook From Scratch
There are a few mistakes we make during the holidays when it comes to spending. While commercial products that are highly refined, and filled with high fructose corn syrup may be convenient – they are usually a bit more expensive, as well as unhealthy. Cooking from scratch is the simplest way to save a few dollars during the holidays. You might as well order catered KFC if you don’t want to cook – has virtually the same health benefits as processed foods.

Cooking from scratch isn’t always easy, but thats what family is for. You will build more memories, and have more fun whipping up a meal by yourself. The more you put in, the more satisfaction you will get out in the end. Oh, and did I mention that cooking from scratch tastes better! It also is the only way you can really keep control of what healthy items are going into your meals.

Supermarket Bird
November isn’t the best time to be a turkey, but it sure is the best time to sell them. One thing that you want to avoid is buying heritage turkeys. While they do offer some great taste, they can be as much as $150 dollars just by themselves. You shouldn’t pay that much for your whole meal. Supermarket birds are very tasty themselves and they average around 2 dollars a pound. That will save you over one hundred dollars right off the bat!

In Season = Inexpensive
Maybe you are planning a particular dish that calls from something
particular. If this item isn’t in season, you might be paying more than you have to. Try to chose ingredients that are fresh, and in season. That way it won’t cost that much to package or ship, saving you money in the end. Something like herbs is a good idea. They are usually pretty constant prices all year round. Buying fresh can save you from the pricey dried seasoning packs.

Ask For a Hand
There is nothing wrong with asking for a few dishes from others. Just don’t make it a requirement. After all most of the time family and friends will be happy to help – it only adds to the experience. A pie here, stuffing there – it all adds up. Don’t be upset if someone cannot help, but it never hurts to ask.

The holidays are supposed to be fun! Don’t let the stress of time and money get to you. If you plan ahead, you will plan to save. Hope that the tips helped, and everyone enjoy the holidays, as I know I will!

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