Thanksgiving Menu

Have you started that Thanksgiving Day menu yet? Are you doing a traditional dinner or just whatever? I know growing up we always had the works on Thanksgiving. Mom would make a big turkey, and all the sides to go with it. I remember we had a big deep freeze and it would be covered with food, and all the family would come over to help us eat it all.

When I was living in the South, my husband’s family did things a bit different. We had our normal Thanksgiving a few years in a row but then we switched it up some, and one year we went out, another we made it be an Italian feast. To be honest, I prefer the good old Turkey dinner, the main reason I love having all the left overs. It means I do not have to cook awhile, and do you know all of the meals you can make with left overs!

My favorite is turkey salad for sandwiches. Yummy.

What are some things you prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner?

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