Kids Say the Funniest Things

Tonight as I was about ready to cook dinner, my daughter informs me she has a loose tooth. My remark was “wonderful, I hope the tooth fairy knows where you moved too.”

She comes into the kitchen and says “I know you’re the tooth fairy, or else you wouldn’t have said wonderful, in a sarcastic way. Plus, I was saying Shaytard’s on youtube, and they were going into sontards room, to remove the tooth and put money under his pillow”

Sweet, now that she knows I am the tooth fairy I get to save all my dollars, and know she knows I am Santa as well so no need for that fat ol man to upset her on Christmas if he doesn’t bring her what she wants.

At what age did you stop believing in Santa? Have your kids got to that age yet?

I think my daughter has known for some time, every since she was 6, she has been telling me it was impossible for there to even be a Santa. Now I know for certain my baby at the age of 10 doesn’t believe in Santa.

Now let’s hope she doesn’t tell her baby cousins.

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  1. Chris Shaw says:

    My sons stopped believing when they reached 9 or 10 years old. I’m not sure my daughter has ever stopped believing and she is now a mother herself. We all still believe in the spirit of Santa which is the giving of love and happiness to others. The Christmas my children remember the most is when we were broke and chose not to buy gifts, but instead to make them. The kids joined in the process. My baby is now over 30 and they all still mention that Christmas above all others. So much for buying expensive toys!

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