Judge William Adams a Family Court Judge Beats Daughter

Please be advised the video below is disturbing…

What you just seen is our justice system at work. In the above video is a family court judge from Texas, he beat his 16 year old daughter with a belt, for almost 8 minutes because she used the internet. This should NEVER be allowed no matter who the parent is, yes I believe sometimes children need their behinds spanked, however, I do not believe a belt is needed.

This is what is wrong with our justice system we are getting corrupt officials into office.

With going through the family courts when I was younger, and having friends and family going through them now, they are not their for the children, if you do a search on this judge you will see in many cases where he favored the abusive parent.

When will we say enough is enough. It is time we get the corrupt judges out, and the ones that give a damn about the safety and welfare of our children in. When I lived in Tennessee, I seen in the paper where a female judge allowed a child molester to be on probation rather than serve time in prison for his crime, the reason for her ruling he was to short…

Our children need protected from monsters like this judge.

Have you ever been in with the family courts, if so what was your experience with them? Good, bad or a little of both.

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