How Was Your Prom?

How many of you went to Prom? I personally did not go to prom. I didn’t go for many reasons. You are probably thinking because I didn’t have a date. Well if I wanted to go I did have a date. However, I was never the social gathering type when I was in High School. A lot of it had to do with my weight. I have always been a plus size girl, and finding plus size prom dresses was not easy back then.

When I was asked to go to prom I was super excited. I started looking around for that perfect dress. However, everything I found was way to small, so I made up a small lie and informed my date I was sick. Oops, I must have came down with something right before the dance. I felt bad at the time, but what was I supposed to do? I surely couldn’t have told him I was to fat to fit in any dresses I liked.

Now days it seems they are starting to make dresses in bigger sizes which is great. Now for those high school sweet hearts there will be no made up stories on why you are not feeling your best to go to one of those special days you will encounter in high school. I missed out on a lot of fun things in high school due to my self esteem.

Just remember girls, it isn’t all about the size. It is more about what you have to offer as a person that matters!

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