Custom Wall Art

Did you know a home is not a home if it isn’t customized to fit your family? I mean anyone can have a house, and live in a house, but what makes a home a home, is all the pictures through out. For a long time my walls were bare, a lot of the reason I missed Michigan. I didn’t want to make my home in Tennessee my home. Making it my home meant to be it was official.

After settling in I went a head and put up pictures of my daughter, and other family members. I still didn’t want to call it home. Now that we are back in Michigan it is time to make my home a home. I keep seeing all these custom wall stickers, and I think they would help set the different areas in my home off.

I specially would love to get some for my daughter’s bedroom. She loves having her own room, and I want her to be able to express herself in her room, by decorating the walls how she wants. She’s in this Monster High faze right now, everything has to be Monster High so maybe I can get lucky and find some Monster High bedroom decor.

How are some ways you like to make your home a home? Do you have plants all over to liven the place up? Maybe a welcome mat at the front door? What are some other ways I can make my home into a home besides placing pictures on the walls?

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