Computer Training For Dummies

How many of you remember the first time you ever got on a computer? It was 1995 I believe, and it was our lunch break, a bunch of us girls decided we wanted to check out the computer our teacher had in class. She let us connect it to the internet, and we started chatting away with some boys from another school. We thought that was the coolest thing ever.

I remember we would go to school early and get on the computers in the library. Back then we really didn’t have much for computer training, matter of fact we were the ones teaching the teachers how to use them.

Now days they have classes one can take to learn more about computers, and books for those that still are not getting the hang of things. I have taught so many how to do certain things on the computer and online, it just all comes natural to me. One thing people don’t realize is, in order to learn something new you have to try. I have ran into a lot of family who will simply not even try.

What is the point of learning or attempting to learn something new if you act as though you don’t care. One thing I disliked about my mother in law, is you could tell her over and over again how to do something, and she was still asking how to do it.

If you are a slow learner when it comes to certain things, I highly recommend you take a class, because you will grow to hate something you should enjoy doing.


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