3 Tips to Prevent a Stressful Long Distance Move

If you have ever moved whether is be across town, or across country, you know how stressful it can be. Not only do you have to pack, you also have to clean as you go. If you have children, it is twice as bad. The reason being, you have to pack for more people. Moving can be extremely stressful.

We recently did a long distance move, and I can tell you this, I wish we would have hired a long distance moving company. Long distance moves are not only stressful on the adults but also the children. Chances are they’re leaving all their friends behind, and that alone can be scary.

A few tips I have learned during this moving trip that may help you have a less stressful move are…

#1 Plan a head, make sure you have everything taken care of months before the move, slowly pack that way you are not rushed.

When we decided to move we had less than 2 months, to pack and get everything cleaned up. Not fun, this left my husband and I fighting due to being stressed. I would have much rather had those extra months, to get everything situated.

#2 Entertainment! With a long distance move you want something to entertain the one not driving as well as the kids, this way you are not losing your mind with all those “Are we there yet… I am tired… I have to go to the bathroom…”

We did an 800 mile move only able to travel about 45mph due to the enclosed pull behind. Not fun, a 15 hour trip took us over 24 hours.

#3 If you have the money HIRE SOMEONE to do the moving for you. This way you do not have to travel slow, and you can be at your destination sooner. I know this option may cost a bit more, but trust me it will be well worth it. IF we ever decide to move again, we will be hiring someone to move us, instead of doing it all on our own.

When hiring someone to move your items, make sure to purchase the extra insurance as well as making sure everything is packed well, even if you need extra newspapers, and bubble wrap.

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