Teaching Your Child About History

Being a home schooling family, we decide what our child learns and when. Living in the South most my daughter’s life a big topic was Black History. I personally feel this is a topic that all should teach their children. It is important for them to know about slavery, the civil rights movement, the African American leaders that made a difference.

During the month of February the news stations always brought back a little bit of history, and my daughter always asked questions. A lot of the time I didn’t have the answers for her questions, but I did my best to answer them. One reason I think it is important for our children to learn it all, is so they know in today’s world we are all equal. Although no two people are a like we should all be treated the same.

In the South there is still a lot of hate for the other races, I blame this on poor education. I don’t know how many times I would be standing in line at the store, and heard someone make a racial remark. Often my daughter would ask why they said that, and I was left to explain that some people are just plan ugly on the inside. If we are smart and we raise out children to love all no matter their color, they may have it better in this world.

I know things will not change over night, but we need to educate our children.

One great thing about Memphis is the Civil Rights Museums.

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  1. I am not of fan of folks that make rude comments.. there are times when I have my biracial grandchildren with me, people like to stare and point. It’s just ignorance! it is learned behaviour, kids at a young age are unaware of ‘difference’ or don’t notice it, they simply accept it!

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