Shopping in Different States

One of my biggest fusses about living in Tennessee was the prices of food. The prices of food seemed to be insanely high, and there were hardly ever any good sales. I remember when we first moved to TN in 2001, I was bummed that they had hardly any good sales. I know living in Michigan most my life, during the winter months, stores had case sales. During this time you purchased in bulk! They would have boxes of pasta 5 for $1!

Did I also mention Michigan has no sales tax on groceries. Tennessee’s sales tax is 9%! Not only are the prices of food higher, they nail you with high taxes. The other day I went grocery shopping at one of my favorite stores, Meijer! I personally like Meijer’s over Walmart, they have better sales. They have deals such as buy 10 for $10 get the 11th free, this making it 90 cents each. Ragu spaghetti sauce if purchased the case, 5.99 and you get 6 in a case!

I also love the stores that sell spartan product. Right now they have certain veggies 2 for .88 cents. Making them 44 cents each! Cans of mushrooms 50 cents each, cereal 1.47 a box. Mac and cheese 10 for $5. I never seen sales like this in Tennessee, not even at Kroger. Sure Kroger had some good deals from time to time, when they did their case sales, but the case deals in Michigan are so much better, not only do you get the items for cheap YOU HAVE NO SALES TAX!

Have you lived in different states? How was the food prices in the different states you have lived in?

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