Shopping for Men

The men in my life can sometimes be extremely hard to purchase for during the holidays.  I tend to purchase them all the same thing each year, just different styles. My husband and dad are big knife collectors, so I also try to get them a few different knives to add to their collections. I mean you cannot go wrong on gifts when you get one something they collect now can you.

Chances are I will never get them two of the same knives. This year I want to get them each knives engraved with their names on them. With Christmas only a few months away, it is time to start looking. I don’t want to wait for the last minute, and the items not get shipped in time.

One place I found online, that seem to be really reasonable in their prices is knife depot. I have found some pretty neat knives on there! I may have to get me a small folding pocket knife for my purse. A pink Swiss army knife would make a great addition to my purse, I am always looking for something to open packages with when I am on the go, this would come in handy.

However, I am thinking about a tactical knife for my husband. I am thinking a survival knife, so when he is out in the woods he can carry it with him, this way it he runs to any problems he has some sort of protection.  It is going to be hard to decide though, because they have so many neat knives! I may just have to get him a few, because I also like the fixed blade knives they have.

I will have to see about getting him a fixed blade knife for his tackle box.

Remember though when purchasing knives as gifts, you are gifting them to those that are responsible. I do not recommend giving knives to anyone under the age of 18.



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