Recognition for a Job Well Done

We often forget to show recognition to those who deserve it. How many times have you busted your butt off at work, and not even got a thank you. I know I have, I know my husband has, and I know thousands of others out there have as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if your boss said thank you every so often, so you knew the work you were doing was being recognized?

Sometimes all it takes is a little something to show those working hard that their work is being noticed. One way to show recognition is with pins. Handing out pins for a job well done will put a smile on the ones receiving its face. It will let them know you have noticed, and all their hard work isn’t a waste.

They have sports pins, awareness pins, school pins, and they also have nursing pins. However, pins are not just for recognizing a job well done, or ones accomplishments, they are also worn to show you support a cause, such as breast cancer, or even autism. Matter of fact, that is a great way to show you do support the cause is by wearing pins that represent the cause you are passionate about.

How do you show someone they are doing a good job? Sometimes by giving your children rewards to show you notice their good behavior or the chores they do around the house, will give them more motivation to keep it up. You will find by thanking them, they will want to help out more vs ignoring the work they do.

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