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The other day I was showing my daughter my new drivers license. With moving back to Michigan it meant getting new plates, and a new drivers license. She exams it, and says “You look prettier on this one, then on the one from Tennessee” I started to laugh and thanked her. She then asks why it says that bad word on it. I was a bit puzzled on what she was asking, then she goes that s word.

Referring to SEX, I have tried to explain to her, that the word sex is not bad, that it refers to whether you are a boy or a girl. She then asks “Well, why don’t they but Gender, instead?”

Good question. So the Question of the day is… Why does the DMV put on the driver’s license Sex, instead of Gender?

My theory is Sex is shorter and cheaper to add to the license. I thought it was pretty smart of her to ask the question.

What is your guess?

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