Purses and Bags

At what age did your daughter start showing interest in purses and bags? My daughter is 10 and has been playing with purses and bags since she was about 3! If she has a bag and her toys fit, in they go. I guess this is her way of getting all her toys at once. Whenever we are in the store if she sees a bag she likes she is wanting me to purchase it.

Once we get home she is organizing her things… Which set of toys go in this bag what set go in that one. She currently has a bag for her littlest pets, her squinkies, monster high dolls, her purse contains her “make-up” and money.

Now don’t get me wrong I have many bags/purses as well, but I am a momma I should have a million and one bags. I need those bags for grocery shopping to cut down on trash, I need them for packing small lunches when we are going to be gone for awhile, when she was younger I needed them for her diapers.

Now that I think about it, can one have way to many bags? Purses is a different story, I only have one of them. I would prefer to carry everything in those cute designer bags. I personally think I can fit more in them, and my coupon binder fits in them nicely.

So when did your daughter start to have an obsession with bags and purses?

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  1. jada has been into purses since 2 or 3 lol! Jas haha I’m still trying to get her to carry one!! I even bought her a small coach purse thinking she would use it since she was starting middle school… she carried it to school 2 weeks!!

    I have tons of purses and a few bags. Lol I prefer my designer purses plus my coupon binder has a strap lmao

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