Pumpkin Fudge went South

My sister found a recipe for pumpkin fudge, and everyone talked about how ever so good it was. I wanted to check it out for myself, so I went to the store purchased the items, and got busy cooking this fudge. HAH

I cooked it just like it had stated, and well, let’s just say it went to the trash. It was more like a sugar taffy, the flavor was awful, and I personally wouldn’t recommend it. I think I will keep my pumpkin in cheesecakes. I kept making excuses for why my fudge turned out like taffy, and my husband cheered me up with saying… “It was the recipe not you, probably some bored housewife experimenting in the kitchen” <– aw isn’t he sweet.

I will just stick to my awesome peanut butter fudge!

Does anyone have a fool proof pumpkin fudge, because I love pumpkin, and I would love to try pumpkin fudge, but something that is actually fudge instead of a soft mess.

With the holidays what type of sweet treats do you make? I would love to find some new treats to make that are inexpensive.

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