Lunch for Under $5

Whether you are feeding a family lunch or just the kids, this is one of those must have on hand recipes.

I guess you would call this the poor mans Tuna Casserole.

1 Box Mac and Cheese

1 Can Tuna Fish

1 Can Sweet Peas.

Cook the macaroni and cheese as directed. Once you have that cooked mix in the tuna and peas, heat and serve. Takes less than 10 minutes to make, and I personally think this is super yummy. If you are feeding more then a few people add another box of mac and cheese and another can of tuna.

If you can find the items on sale then you can make a double batch for under 2 dollars. I paid 50 cents each for my macaroni and cheese, 44 cents for my peas and 50 cents for my tuna fish. It is all about shopping smart.

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