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I was watching Kathilee & Hoda (my absolute favorite morning hosts) on Direc tv Nebraska today. They had a guest that I haven’t seen of thought about in a really long time, Jewel. When she first came on the scene in the nineties, I loved her. She was so different and didn’t fall into the Brittney Spears glam look. She admitted that she was a tumble weed and lived in her car singing in different bars until she got her big break. She also writes all of her music, which I think is cool. She looks great and has had a baby. She is married and spends most of her time on she and her husband’s ranch in rural Texas. She brought pictures of her baby, who is absolutely adorable. She showed a picture of him as a baby in a cowboy boot. She also said that she was working on some new stuff and would be releasing new singles. I am excited and will probably check out her CD when it come out. I love to see happy love/family stories about my favorite celebrities and singers.

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