Is it spring cleaning time yet

I despise cleaning, probably because it seems like there is always something to be cleaned. I know with Spring cleaning it means warmer weather is fast approaching. I am not ready for winter, so maybe if I think about the  carpets getting a good scrubbing it will make the winter go by faster!

A few carpet cleaning tips I like to follow when I am doing the job myself, is I always make sure the carpet is completely cleaned. I find the carpet cleaner works better when I am not sucking up left over dirt in with the water. I also like to use vinegar with a small amount of essential oils, this is a cheap way to get the job done. I try to always clean the carpets on a nice sunny day, with the windows open. This allows for a faster dry time, I also place a few fans in the room. The faster the carpet gets dried the faster I can put the furniture back in place, and prop my feet up and relax.

I try to clean my carpets twice a year, this way it keeps the carpet looking new. However, if I think the job is bigger then I can handle such as the furniture also needing a good cleaning, I will contact a professional company such as By contacting professionals to come in, I know the carpets and furniture will get cleaned the proper way, and not just a quick surface dirt removal.

Another great thing about professional carpet cleaning companies, is they specialize in those big jobs, such as fire damage, flood damage, and eliminating those awful pet odors. Have you ever had a cat pee on your floor? Not to simple to get that smell out of the carpet.

What are some tips you have on getting those carpets cleaned yourself?

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