How To Get Freebie’s

Everyone keeps blaming the economy for everything. However, it isn’t the economy, it is the dumb-asses we have running the Government. Here is the thing, our Government wants us to think the economy is so bad, so that is why certain things are they way they are… But if you honestly sat back and looked at everything the only thing in the economy that has changed is how things are ran… The Government thinks we are stupid, they think if they jack prices up, we will pay for them. They think they have us all figured out… so what do we do, we clip coupons. We search online for the best deals… I mean who wants to pay .50 cents for a roll of toilet paper? Not me.

Here are a few ways I use to get around a “bad economy”. I use coupons, if I do not have a coupon for something, or it isn’t on sale I do not purchase it. I search online for “freebies” I sure do, usually when a company sends you free products they also send you coupons, if you watch for the deals, you can usually get the product for pretty cheap. Why pay 5 dollars for a box of cereal when you can wait for it to go on sale… and use coupons to make it be less than 2 dollars. It is all about logic’s. When something is dirt cheap stock up on it, next week it will probably be 3x the value. This is the Government’s way of making us thing we are on tough times.

Enter giveaways! I enter giveaways, and this provides my family with items we need, and gifts for my daughter during the holidays. It has been sometime since I have purchased her any toys with real money. Entering giveaways can be a fun way to pass by the time, and get rewarded for doing so.

With Social Media getting free products is a lot easier then it once was, if you watch the facebook pages of some of your favorite brands they will often run free sample giveaways. This is a great way to score cleaning products, clothing, and other items you may need.

One thing I cannot stress enough, is when you have a coupon for an item, and you can get the product for almost free… get as many as you can. Do not be selfish but if you have 4 coupons, use them. You might not need them this minute, but I am sure you will within the next few months, and this will save you money.

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